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GGF Membership: A Privilege You Can't Ignore

GGF Membership

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mumtaz A. Piracha
Mumtaz A. Piracha
Overseas Pakistanis can join Good Governance Forum for as low as US$10 for one year's associate membership of the forum and be part of the national mission to enforce good governance in Pakistan for the benefit of Pakistanis living inside and outside Pakistan.
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KNOW YOUR MNAs: 138 MNAs either paid no income tax, or FBR has no such data

KNOW YOUR MNAs: 138 MNAs either paid no income tax, or FBR has no such data
Monday, June 24, 2013
From Print Edition

 Almost 42.59 percent, 138 out of 324, members of the new National Assembly, including four ministers of the Nawaz-cabinet, either paid no income tax in 2012 or the FBR has no data regarding their taxes.
The tax of 40 members, or 12 percent, was deducted at source from their salaries as MPs during the previous term and they include five ministers, reveals official data collected by The News.

Seventy-eight members or 24 percent pay less that Rs100,000 per year but the remaining 68 members paid tax more than Rs100,000 including 18 MNAs who paid more than Rs500,000 (0.5 million) who include 11 MNAs who paid more than Rs1 million tax in 2012.

While billions are spent on lawmakers, these 324 members of the lower house of parliament, most of them rich, wealthy and part of the influential elite of Pakistan’s society, paid a total of only Rs54,089,198 (Rs54 million) as taxes in 2012, but bulk of this amount was paid by about a dozen MNAs who paid in millions.

Among the big political parties, 56% of MNAs of ruling PML-N (104 out of present total 183), 53% of PTI MNAs (16 out of 30) and 33% of PPP MNAs (14 out of 42) either paid zero tax or only a nominal amount was deducted from their salary as MP and they never paid a single penny of their own from their income through other source.

Astonishingly, majority of PPP members not only paid but paid big amounts of taxes. Paying considerable amount of tax seems to be a trend among the politicians from province of Sindh while in Punjab and KP, majority of MPs known for their wealth evaded taxes.

The biggest taxpayer for the year 2012 was from the Punjab. Sheikh Fayyazuddin, PML-N’s MNA from NA-193 paid Rs12,324,154 (Rs12.32 million) and is the highest tax payer in present lower house of the parliament.

Agricultural tax was not considered and all figures are based on income tax details provided by MNAs themselves in their nomination papers before contesting elections or was released by FBR before May 11 polls. MNAs from Fata wrote in their nomination forms that they are exempted from paying taxes.

Sardar Muhammad Yousaf, Pir Muhammad Amin ul Hasnat Shah and Abdul Hakeem Baloch are the members of federal cabinet who pay zero tax or the FBR has no record of tax paid by federal minister Rana Tanveer Hussain in 2012.

Besides many top industrialists, businessmen and landlords of Punjab and KP, some famous names which paid zero tax in 2012 also include Amir Haider Khan Hoti, former Chief Minister KP, Major Rtd Tahir Iqbal, Pashtoon leader from Balochistan Mahhmood Khan Achakzai, two extremely rich brothers Tariq Bashir Cheema (PML-Q) and Tahir Bashir Cheema of PML-N.

Famous and big names who consider deduction of nominal tax at source from their salaries ‘more than enough’ and never paid tax other than that include, Pir Sadaruddin Shah Rashidi, Captain Safdar, Ahsan Iqbal, Anusha Rehman, Saira Afzal Tarar, Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qadir Baloch, Sumaira Malik, Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani and Nawab Youssaf Talpur.

In a house of 342, 16 seats are vacant on which by-polls will be held while result of two constituencies NA-103 and NA-237 are withheld and thus data of only 324 MNAs was available for analysis.

Data of some constituencies was not released by the ECP. Similarly, in some cases, nomination papers of some candidates have not been released by ECP so far and there are some other issues as well.

To avoid explaining similar details repeatedly, constituency-wise tax details of all MNAs are given below with comments in some cases. Comments are given as ‘Case-1’ to ‘Case-6’, which are elaborated at the end.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Drums of victory - Ahmed Quraishi

Drums of victory - Ahmed Quraishi
Pakistan Elections 2013 Results

National Assembly

General Seats272
Total Votars86,189,802

Punjab Assembly

General Seats297
Total Votars49,259,334

Balochistan Assembly

General Seats51
Total Votars3,336,659

KPK Assembly

General Seats99
otal Votars12,266,157

Sindh Assembly

General Seats130
Total Votars18,963,375